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With Rizzela it is easy to add services to your existing b2b services, while continue focusing only on your core business. We help you keep in touch with your leads and deliver more services with less work or overhead. Let Rizzela handle your projects! work smarter, not harder

Promote Your Current and New Services

Lead Capture & Follow Up

Easy, Professional Proposals Delivery, Discussions and Acceptance

Easy Deposit and Payments

Whitelabel Services

Project Delivery, Feedback and Referral Requests

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Fact: Customers would rather work with one vendor, but being a jack of all trades master of none is no benefit to anyone. Rizzela is here to help, we provide and whitelabel b2b services at a low cost to you, that allows you to resell them at a competitive rate. In addition to that; our application makes it easy for you to promote and sell all your services and is saving you time on marketing your business

Work from anywhere

Make more money without investing any

Get the most out of your existing business

No need to learn new trades

Make customers happier




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